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What do you if your foster pet is sick:
  1. Notify your mentor

  2. Submit the concern and Animal Health Record as a message to @GK MEDICAL. Follow their instructions from there.

  3. Join our Medical FB group: GK Medical Spotlight Cheddar and post a photo and brief description of the condition in this group. (This is so everyone has access to the same information, it’s a one-stop shop for updates and fundraising tracking under one post).

A few notes:
  • FUNDRAISING: If the condition requires ongoing medication or an in-person vet visit, please help us by posting a fundraiser in our Fans of Good Karma Pet Rescue group! Although it's not required, it's so helpful to keep our rescue going. You can either create a “donate button” style fundraiser or a “goal fundraiser”. You can tag Melissa Trask on your @GK Medical spotlight cheddar post if you'd like help with fundraising.

  • APPOINTMENTS: GK partners with local veterinarians, and we also have a veterinarian who does telemed consults with our vet team. You may be asked follow up questions and with that information the medical team will determine the best course of action.

    • Most of our veterinarians have requested drop-off appointments, meaning you drop  off in the morning and pick up after they are done seeing the pet or at the end of the day. Please do not expect a one-on-one consult with the vet unless the medical condition is complicated and requires it. Otherwise, the veterinarians have requested to maintain contact with just our vet team, and the vet team will pass on the information to you.

  • PRESCRIPTIONS: If the veterinarian prescribes meds, we prefer to fill them in-house unless the animal's condition requires treatment immediately with veterinarian-provided medication. 

  • GETTING PRESCRIPTIONS: If GK fills the prescription, we ask you to fill out a med request. You can then receive them:

    • By picking up at our office.

    • By having them shipped to you via USPS.

    • By having transported arranged to your home.

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