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Good Karma is an organization that wants people to adopt their new family members, not shop for them. Therefore, we are an organization that wants to say yes! We want to be flexible. We don’t only adopt to perfect homes. We don’t only adopt to rich people. We don’t only adopt to people with houses or fenced-in yards.

An apartment can be the perfect home for a large breed dog. A humble home can be a great home. Someone who lives in a not-so-great neighborhood can be an amazing pet parent, and so can people who don’t have much money. An elderly couple can be the perfect parents for a young animal. Someone without much in the way of people skills can be just the human that one of our pets needs.


We obviously do want to make sure that our rescue’s pets are going to be well taken care of, and that they go to forever homes, which is why we do the screening we do. But please remember — we are trying to find good homes, not perfect homes, especially considering each foster parent probably has a different definition of what a perfect home would be!

Please make sure you are being respectful to the Adoptions team members and their decisions! If you have serious concerns with a potential adopter, take it up with a Board member. Otherwise, try to remember that we are all here for a common goal — finding good homes for our rescue’s pets! <3

In all of our dealings with the public, remember that we are representatives of rescue as a whole. To get people to believe in the idea of adopting rather than buying a pet, we have to be professional, flexible, and keep good potential adopters happy!



  1. APPLICATION REVIEW: The adoptions team will receive the applications and proceed to vet them. They look to make sure they seem to be responsible, meet our age requirements, that they are allowed to have the pet they applied for where they live, that they have a history of responsible pet ownership with veterinarian approval, and that they seem to be committed to lifelong ownership of the pet they are applying for.

  2. HOME VISIT (applies to dogs only): The Adoptions Team will post in the GKPR VOLS group requesting a home visit for a particular applicant. We do home visits for all our dogs, either in-person or via Facetime/Zoom. This is just to make sure that the people are as good in person as they are on paper. We look to make sure their home seems like a safe, healthy environment for their potential new pet. We also take some time to talk to the potential adopter to make sure they seem genuine and will be a wonderful pet guardian for the animal they want to adopt.

  3. MEET & GREET: When your foster gets a good application it will be sent to you. You will then contact the applicant and make arrangements for a meet & greet. This is a time when the applicant can meet the foster pet to see if they are a good match. Meet & greets can be held at your home, GKPAC, the office, the applicant’s home or in a more public location such as a park or adoption event. The pet should meet all the applicant's family members and other pets.

  4. ADOPTION DAY! Once the meet & greet and home visit are complete, your foster pet can go to his or her new home, and you will be notified as such. You would need to make arrangements with the adopter regarding picking up their new pet. While making arrangements, make sure the following has been done:

    • The adopter should have received a text message with a link to sign the contract and make the credit card payment. If the adopter is not paying by card, they should have informed the adoption team in advance and they will only receive the contract by text. If you need to collect a payment by cash, check, or other online method please take a photo or screenshot for proof as you will need this for your Forever Home Form (FHF)If the adopter did not get the text or there is an issue with their card, please contact the SUPPORT TEAM. 

    • Animal Health Record (AHR) in the orange folder is up to date; after it’s filled out please take a picture of it. You will need it for the FHF

    • What’s Included sheet completed (located in orange folder); please go over it line by line with the adopter, have them fill it out then take a picture. You will need this for the FHF

    • Microchip paper filled out with microchip information (located in orange folder). Make sure you reiterate to them that they need to register the microchip as soon as possible, preferably before you even leave them with the pet!

    • Give adopters the orange folder containing their new pet’s information.

    • Once your foster has gone home, let your Foster Mentor know and WITHIN 24 hours please fill out the FOREVER HOME FORM which is REQUIRED so we can close out the animal's file.

    • Then pat yourself on the back -- you just helped save a life! 

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