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Puppies & Kittens

  1. Start deworming process as early as two weeks:

    1. Three days of Panacur, repeat every 2 weeks

    2. One day of Ponazuril, repeat in 10 days 

      • If coccidia positive, change to 3 consecutive days, no need                                                                          to repeat unless fecal positive again

  2. Fecal on intake.

    • For litters, a group fecal is acceptable for this intake fecal. 
      *This means fecal samples from several babies are mixed

      together & run as one fecal sample.

  3. Repeat fecal 2-3 weeks after deworming, regardless of initial fecal results.​

    • In the event of a positive fecal post deworming, repeat deworming and then repeat fecal 3 weeks post deworming.

    • If the repeat fecal is holding up an approved adopter, repeat fecal can occur earlier, but it may still read as a positive.


Fecal protocol is the same for adults as it is for puppies and kittens, with the following exceptions:

  • Initial fecal before deworming is not required, but highly recommended.

  • Deworming does not need to be repeated if the first fecal is negative.

Where can you get a fecal done?

Drop-off fecals* available at any of the following; fecals are also offered at our vet partners at the time of appointments. 

*Must bring fresh fecal sample. Always bring a fresh fecal sample to any of your vet appointments in case fecal exam is needed!


Palm Beach


Panacur aka fenbendazole

Broad-spectrum dewormer that kills roundworms, hookworms, whipworms 

Ponazuril aka Marquis

Drug used to treat protozoal and coccidial infections in dogs and cats

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