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We have several catteries where we can display our cats for adoption. They are listed below.

We always need kitties for display locations and volunteers to help us care for the kitties.

The catteries are a great place to get our cats adopted. They go very quickly! 

Message the cattery managers via the GK Catteries Facebook Page



20861 FL-7

Boca Raton, FL 33428

Cats and kittens of all sizes

Petco deerfield


3551 W Hillsboro Blvd

Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Cats and kittens of all sizes


Pet Supplies plus

Pet Supplies Plus

3013 Yamato Road

Boca Raton, FL 33434

Cats and kittens of all sizes


why catteries?
  • The cats are happy, with space to lounge and toys to play with! Volunteers come by each day to play with the cats. Their kitty condos are comfortable and a great place to spend a little time while looking for a forever home.

  • Lots of cats get adopted easier if the people can see them in person; catteries allow this! This is especially beneficial for older kittens and adult cats. 

  • Cats usually get adopted much more quickly in a cattery than they would in foster care.

  • Sometimes pet owners don't even realize they want to adopt until they stop in the pet store for some supplies for their current pets and fall in love when passing by the kitty condos.

  • They give us a public outlet for adoption and exposure for our rescue.

  • The stores love to have cats adopted because the adopters usually stock up on supplies for their new pets in the store. In exchange for us providing the kitties, they:

    • Allow us use of the space for free

    • Provide food & litter

    • Make sure they are generous with us when collecting donated supplies from customers

    • Sometimes we even get a monetary donation for each adoption!


cattery requirements
  • Be available on the GK website, with current photos and bio & approved, up-to-date Animal Health Record

  • Should be in the rescue for at least 2 weeks with no sniffles, sneezing, runny eyes, loose stool, or skin issues

  • Should be ready to be adopted, including:

    • Spayed/neutered (recovered for at least 10 days by time of arrival)

    • Up-to-date on vaccines with at least 2 FVRCP and rabies for 16+ weeks old kittens

    • ​Negative fecal 

    • Negative SNAP test within past 6 months, no FIV+​

    • Microchipped

If your kitty meets the above requirements, please contact the GK catteries Facebook page

Cattery info 
  • Orange folder must have a completed animal health record and accompany the cat in the cattery.

  • Maximum time in the cattery for any cat is two weeks. Then they must be rotated out for a minimum of two weeks before another stay. This is for the cat's benefit, to make sure they don't get tired of being in the store. Thankfully, this is usually not an issue as adoptions are typically brisk. 

  • If the store will be closed for a holiday, cats must go back to their foster homes.

  • Cats in catteries stay in GK adoption program and follow regular adoption screening process as all the rest of our cats.

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