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If you are new to rescue and/or to Good Karma, sometimes our lingo & abbreviations can get confusing. Here is a list to help you out! Make sure you let Stacey know about anything that should be here.


Spay/neuter: spaying is removing all of a female animal's reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries); neutering is doing the same for a male animal.

Speuter: See: Spay/Neuter

Cryptorchid: the condition when the testicles do not drop in a male animal. Sometimes they just need extra time, and sometimes the surgeon has to go up into their abdomen to get the undescended testicles to neuter them.


Foster fail: Not a bad thing! When a foster decides to keep a pet rather than adopting them out. Also known as "FF"


Orange Folder: Well, it's an orange folder. That every animal gets in the rescue. It's where we keep their medical records and adoption paperwork.

AHR: Animal Health Record, or the sheet in the orange folder where we keep track of all the medical history of a pet

ShelterLuv or SL: This is the animal database where we keep track of all our animals, as well as their foster and adopter information. 

VOLS: The GKPR VOLS Facebook group.

Cheddar: The Facebook group called Medical $potlight #Cheddar. It's where we track medical case updates, estimates, costs, etc. 

GKPAC/PAC: This is the Good Karma Pet Adoption Center.


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