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Door Dash program 

Thanks to a partnership with 211 Broward, PetSmart Charities, and DoorDash, we are able to offer pet food & supply delivery from our office to our fosters for free!

How to select DoorDash delivery?

The option is on our same ol' Supply Request Form.


  • 1 week lead time required for delivery.

    • Exceptions made for people who agree last-minute to take a new foster and need supplies. In this case, fill out a Supply Request Form and then message Mandy Panah and Jodi Good Karma on Facebook together.

    • This lead time will be shortened with additional volunteer support. If you want to help out at the office, please contact Mandy Panah. We can get it down to 48 hours if we have enough help.

  • Delivery address must be within 15 miles from our office. To check if you are eligible, do a Google search on how far your preferred delivery address is from our office: 3601 West Commercial Boulevard, Suite 19Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

    • If you are not within the 15-mile radius, you can have delivered to anyone within the delivery radius and pick up from them. 

  • No prescription medications can be delivered. Non-prescription medications such as dewormers are fine.

  • Item must weigh 25 lbs or less; for now, no litter orders.

  • You must give completely clear & complete delivery instructions when you place your order on the Supply Request Form. Include anything the driver would need to know to find your house including apartment numbers, gate codes, etc. 

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